Banff Centre for the Arts

September 15, 2009

I’m at the Banff Centre for the Arts, doing a two-month thematic residency in the Visual Arts called “The Wanderer.” The artist Oliver Lutz is leading the program. Here’s the description of it: “Lutz will lead weekly excursions into the surrounding wilderness of Banff National Park and discussions aimed at bringing participants closer to (or further from) contemporary notions of wandering. With its conception in the Romantic Movement, the Wanderer, traveling on foot, sometimes without a particular goal, has been the subject of many literary, musical, and visual art works. For artists and intellectuals identifying with the Wanderer, the motif has represented, literally and figuratively, the individual’s inward quest – often through a communing with nature. Contemporary ideas about both the individual and nature make this solitary romantic figure, standing before a mysterious mountain landscape, less accessible to us. Is the Wanderer who once contemplated misty pinnacles better represented today by climbers in high-tech alpine gear, gamers sitting in front of a Wii console, window shoppers perambulating along urban streets, or spectators watching NASCAR?”

I’ll be working on my series Death Valley which currently consists of photographs, video and text but will soon include large-scale drawings on paper as well….

It’s so beautiful in the mountains, awe-inspiring but not overwhelming like the photographs I’ve seen.


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